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Title Loans in Tennessee

What are Tennessee Title loans?

Tennessee Title loans is a state-issued loan for people who don’t fit the traditional criteria of a payday loan. It’s a short term chattel loan that borrows money so you can keep your car, pay back your expenses, and have a little extra. I recommend having this type of loan for several reasons. First, we use Title loans to prevent foreclosures from defaulting. We also give you a personal service that can’t be beaten.

How do Title Loans Work in Tennessee?

Tennessee Title Loans exist to prevent foreclosures. I operate a system that sends the customer their money in 10 minutes or less. This makes the conversion instantaneous, so the customer gets their money instantly. Once they are paid, our documents are filed with the lender, which stops the foreclosure, and we get paid for the loan. Tennessee Title Loans are for people who are prevented from getting a loan for any reason, including bad credit, bad or even no credit. Contact us, and we will put together a loan that is completed in 48 hours.

Tennessee Title Loan Term Length

The suggested length for a Title Loan term is 30 days. If the customer misses payments, the company automatically goes into “default” status. Still, they can be brought back to good standing within 24 hours through a money order for a small fee.

Tennessee Car Repossession Laws

Title Loans have been around for a long time in the state of Tennessee. One service we offer is auto repossession. This is for customers who are allowed to keep their vehicle as collateral for a loan but don’t pay it off on time, and then the vehicle is repossessed. This normally happens because the customer hasn’t made payment. We get to be there when this happens, and we give the customer 24 more hours to make their payment so that we can save them from a repo.

Requirements for Applying for a Tennessee Title Loan:

Title Loans require the following documentation before anyone can apply for a title loan in the state of Tennessee:

  1. Your auto title, including the photo ID of the vehicle
  2. Proof of income
  3. Drivers license information
  4. Social security information
  5. Bank account information

Steps to Apply for a Tennessee Title Loan

Tennessee Title Loans require the following steps to be taken to apply for a Title Loan in the state of TN:

  1. Fill out our application form on our website
  2. Print out your completed application and send it with the requested documents
  3. A loan officer will check to make sure you qualify for a Title Loan.
  4. Once approved, our loan officer will need your address and phone number where we can reach you to discuss the amount of money the loan will be for, payment schedule, terms and conditions, and signing of the loan documents

Risks of Tennessee Title Loan

There are some federal laws that the Title Loan company may be subject to, but it is usually minimal. These are all just guidelines to keep the customer safe. This only signifies that our service is beneficial and can make loans for anyone with sound capabilities to pay back a loan over time. I also feel that most customers who give us a good review mean we are doing our job correctly. I worked for a Title Company, so I know how many people think they can do things without fail, which sometimes results in a repo.