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Unsecured Auto Loans

It is tough to get unsecured auto loans. That is mainly because a large number of people cannot pay back their loans. As an example, it is easier for people with a poor credit rating or none to get loans than people with good credit and jobs.

Do unsecured loans hurt your credit score?

Yes. You may get a hard inquiry on your credit report. If you have borrowed from the same source many times, that will hurt the score as well. You want to show your credit report as thin and long-tenured of borrowing from a variety of sources.

What is a good interest rate for an unsecured loan?

It depends. It depends on how long you have had your credit reporting established and the level of income listed. Interest rates decrease as income increases in real dollars to income percentages. In general, an interest rate of 18% or less is a good mortgage or unsecured loan for well-established credit history. 8% is a good starting offer on loan. Adjust accordingly to the current market. It is a good idea to shop around first and compare several different rates.

This is a good way to choose a lender. You can ask, “What are your best rates?” after you have been talking to several lenders for both mortgage and unsecured loans. It may take some time to talk to eight to ten different people before you get a fair offer, but one will come along sooner or later. Always try to meet face-to-face if possible in person. There is no substitute for direct conversation when talking money! Use the phone as back up if necessary, but you want to deal with the same person throughout the entire process, if possible. Don’t go there without a fair definite offer or at least some clue about the researched interest rate. Your communication about how a loan will be paid off is also part of the deal. It should be clear when you will get paid, how often, and for what amount. Are you reimbursed for the interest? Is there an additional fee? Keep track of interest charges and let them know quickly if too much is being charged on an agreed-upon settlement plan. It’s best not to cash in on large loans to pay off another loan unless necessary unless it’s agreed upon ahead of time. A large lump-sum payment should fall between contract dates, except under dire immediate need as per contract from the borrower to the lender.

Pros Unsecured Auto Loans

They are quick to do, and they help people who do not have perfect credit or income but need a car for work or support their own incomes. They also fill the needs of people who would prefer purchasing a vehicle with their own money rather than leasing. Ex: 15% cash down payment, no repo, no add’ l cosigners, bad or tarnished credit. Repo may qualify if owed over 30 days. The vehicle must be in good condition and passenger vehicles only. If the vehicle is financed through a secondary lien loan, then at least 2 yrs after it is paid off should pass before applying for this loan. No title loan vehicles can apply, as well.

Poor credit and high interest go hand-in-hand. Buyers can expect to pay 20% to 30% more in interest if you have below “A rating” credit. Some loan quotes as high as 40% in interest are possible for buyers with terrible credit rating. It is important to note whether a loan is for you to get financed through your bank or bought on the market from many different lenders’ sources. Good shops will only use reputable, state-licensed lenders, and their employees are guaranteed to follow consumer protection laws to protect your best interests.

Advantages of Unsecured Auto Loans

Unsecured auto loans do not require the customer to secure any of their collateral but rather have the bank loan them the amount of money needed upfront. On the other hand, secure auto loans provide several options of collateral a customer can use to help secure the loan. While this may be attractive to some, this option can be problematic for customers who do not have the collateral or don’t want to use it as their security measure as it hurts their credit if they default on their loan. Lenders see unsecured auto loans as a safe bet since they are rarely used in default since people tend to value their vehicles more than anything else they possess.

As you can see, unsecured auto loans are much safer and less risky than secured auto loans for several reasons. They require less collateral needed to secure the loan, while lenders are generally easier to work with.

How to apply for an Unsecured Auto Loans

Let’s try a few steps to get our hands on one of these loans. First, determine how much we want to borrow. Then, getting pre-approved is the next step. This will mean we send in proof of income and assets and other personal documents such as social security numbers and previous credit history. A bank may also ask for your business, tax returns, and other financial statements. Once a lender has processed all your paperwork, they will provide you with a loan offer. You can then decide if it’s for you. Finally, the loan request must be approved, and we can finally close the loan.

Requirements for Unsecured Auto Loans

  1. The borrower must be a U.S. citizen
  2. Your car must be free of any liens, repossessions.
  3. No new lemon or unsafe cars
  4. Your car has to be worth at least $500
  5. You must have at least $250 Down to start the process (this is called an 80%)
  6. We’ll help you find a real auto loan that will let you repair your auto without paying someone who doesn’t care about you and the vehicle you own.